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Life Drawing Classes

Cheeky Drawing puts the fun factor into life drawing with uniquely themed classes and models often from a performance background. Classes are based in Hawthorn on Tuesdays, near Richmond. More Details



Cheeky life drawingHens Parties

When a girl snags a man, and is about to be married, she deserves one hell of a party!
Cheeky Drawing comes to the rescue and offers all the essentials to start off a good night out on the town. Think charcoal, champagne, dance moves and the essential ingredient. More Details

party option

Eyes Wide Shut

Seductive music plays in the background and you get the feeling something is going to happen, an air of mystery prevails and then a hunky masked male enters the room….

Italian Stallion

We have long known that Italians are gurus of romance, the Latin lovers who conquer with a smouldering glance and whisk women away on their scooters to woo them in some secluded olive grove…ooh la la! We can give the session a ‘Rocky’ twist, as really there is only one Italian Stallion.

Samantha knows

Does the sushi scene ring a bell? Remember when it was Valentine’s day and Samantha thought she’d surprise her sexy boyfriend by covering herself in sushi. She lay on the dining table waiting for him to come home, only thing was, he never did!

“Surfin Safari”

Let’s take you all on a surfing safari: think sea breezes, palm trees, cocktails, grass skirts & ukulele. The hunky surfer male model brings along his surf board and ukulele to casanova you throughout the evening, while you shake your hula bootie to some sweet rockin’ pacific tunes.

“Easy Rider”

Let’s take to the country or highway to meet the Easy Rider…the guy who has just jumped off his horse, sweaty after a hard day’s mustering or a biker who’s just been cruising down the highway on his motorcycle on a hot summer’s day - he’s hot and looking for a cold beer… perhaps?

Life Drawing & Showgirls

Learn a few tips and tricks from our professional showgirl dance instructor to take home with you and practice on your special fella or…..future fella.

The first hour is spent drawing your hunky nude male model who will be waiting in the wings

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