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Want to surprise your team like they won’t believe?!! Cheeky Drawing is a great option for any occasion or corporate event to create a relaxed fun environment.

Cheeky Drawing is value-for-money activity tailored to your individual needs. We have some great themed packages you can choose from or we can tailor an event to meet your needs. Like any corporate event we will create harmony while sharing a few laughs along the way and allowing you to discover who the budding artists in your group are.

Some theme suggestions:
Country Club – Fancy a hit of tennis or golf?
Western Versace – Rhinestone Cowboy meets Donatella Versace
Academy Awards – Who will you be drawing next to? Batman, Queenie, Sandy from Grease?
Hippie Shake – Mix up of the 60s, Austin Powers, flares, flower power

You’ll want to know what it’s all about beforehand. We’ll give you a format for the evening, so there will be no BIG surprises (we do like small ones though). Each event has a professional drawing instructor who will attend to every detail, and most importantly make you have an extremely good time.

What we pride ourselves on providing:
Quality:  Team building, drawing events are designed, tested and re-tested, and refined to ensure every event is ultra perfect.
Engaging: The Corporate gang want to be engaged and challenged. We introduce the perfect mix of challenge and fun into every Cheeky Drawing event.
Organised: From the very first phone call, to the first moment a client enters our world, to the very end of the program, every detail is accounted for. Just sit back and relax, we have it covered.
Experience: With four years experience in running drawing classes and a professional background in running events, you can rely on us to finding the artistic bones in everybody!
Fun Factor: We are definitely not boring, surprise and fun is the name of our game.
Anywhere: We travel wherever your meeting is. We fly, train or boat to any destination you choose. Unlike many companies that will travel if necessary, our drawing events can be transported anywhere, even onto a Pacific Cruise ship.
Our clients: We have all sorts of clients from creative agencies, members of the private sector to arts organisations & charities.
Challenges: Tackling our drawing challenges requires an approach much like jumping in the deep end, similar to at work. So individual and team learning is relevant and effective.

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